Komodo Dragon

The Beast Within, the tale of the Komodo Dragon.

During the medieval period, there existed among other things, a group of men who displayed a quality in them like no other. They were chivalrous and gentle, humble and kind, they were courteous, and of course they excelled most in defending the weak, assisting the poor, and above all loyally in serving their king. Yes, these men were what we would call noble knights, they rode their trusty steed this way and that, and became well acclaimed with the people they met on their journey.

Among other things they dealt with thieves, they fought in battles, and they defeated countess of men whom well deserved the title of ‘Blackguard”. Of course, there are those countless tales of these nights warding off dragons and other beasts. These tales tell of men who courageously venture off in search of the beast, and manage to come out alive and relatively unscathed. They of course also manage to conquer the beast, sometimes bringing back that priceless dragon’s head to hang up in pride.

Of course, as reality dwells on us we realize that such things did not and will not ever occur. We realize however, that the closest thing to a dragon lived millions of years ago, in the prehistoric age. This may be somewhat true, although there is a creature that exists in today’s modern world. One who certainly does not tower in height, but one who is powerful and mighty enough to be given the title of “Dragon”.

Said creature is known as the Komodo dragon, and you will soon find out just how incredible this modern dragon really is. Of course, he is no Falkor (the Neverending Story), but he does have his own unique characteristics. One of which being the fact that this “dragon” is the largest and heaviest lizard in the world, of course he is also the most powerful. It would be wise to stick around and find out as much as you can about this mighty creature

Komodo Dragon