Komodo Dragon Information

Feeding Habits Of the Komodo Dragon

Well here is where the terror of this creature really lies. Komodo dragons are of course carnivorous, but little know that they are also cannibalistic. They typically eat large prey such as deer, wild boar, goat; they will basically eat anything they can overpower and this includes smaller lizards (including other Komodo Dragons). As is evident, the Komodo Dragon has a wide range possibility of prey. Evidence from droppings however, show that a few types of prey serve as the main food choice of these lizards. From the droppings, humans are able to observe that the deer is the meal of choice. Boars are also a popular choice. Dragons acquire these animals by two ways: hunting, and finding carcasses.

Mysterious: A tale of the dragons

What may sound shocking is true, there is relatively little known about these dragons. Now, while it may be easy to believe that there are countless of unknown species of beetles in the world, it is relatively difficult to believe that an animal so large as the Komodo Dragon went undetected.

Six Senses of a Komodo Dragon

Touch : dragons come covered in body amour. These bumps are called scales. With a skin made of these scales, it is difficult to feel anything. This is why dragons have special spots that are sensitive to touch. These spots are connected directly to nerves. These plagues are on every scale. The scales around the ears, the lips, chin, and the bottom of the feet have at least 3 or more plaques.

Young Dragons

From the moment a Komodo Dragon is born, it is left to fend for itself. At this time, the dragon is only about 8 to 22 inches long. The young dragons look very different from adult dragons and that is not just because of their size. The four ounce dragon pup is brightly colored. It is a greenish black and white with yellow specks. It also has small reddish circles around its body and alternating dark and light bands round its tail. These designs help to conceal the dragon in the shade of the trees, where it will hide for its first year or two of life.

When Komodo Dragons attack!

Dragons are (obviously) dangerous animals with a force to be reckoned with. Despite their benign appearance, they are powerful and deadly creatures. If anyone has ever seen these creatures take down prey, or feast on prey for that mater, they know that they should not be toyed with.