Komodo Dragon Habitat

The Dwelling… Where does the Dragon live?

Now, speaking in terms of actual fable dragons, we know a few things about where most of them lived. There are tales of these dragons making there homes in horrific places. There are Stories about hero’s having to treck through hazardous areas, tales also of these heroes almost dieing, just in the process of actually locating the dragon. With that being said, it is pure irony that the Komodo Dragon lives in an area that is in itself extremely dangerous, only this is no fairy tale.

So, where exactly do these ferocious beasts live? On no other than Komodo Island of course! Among other things Komodo island is rampant with earthquakes, tidal waves, and is surrounded by volcanoes on neighboring islands. More so, there are more deadly scorpions, snakes, and poisonous spiders than anywhere else on earth! This is definitely not a place for the faint of heart! Komodo island lies smack in the middle of Indonesia, a country with about 17,000 islands! The Island is near the northwest shore of Indonesia and is evidently one of the harshest places on earth.

To add more to this seeming “hell”, Komodo Island is also one of the hottest places on earth. Here, the temperature is over 100 degrees. Which is not always pleasant for the dragons who tend to overheat, as they are reptiles. They are like all reptiles, cold blooded. This means that they are unable to keep there bodies at a constant temperature, and 107 degrees is the typical maximum temperature a Komodo can endure. When it gets too hot, they cool down by lying in a burrow, and if that does not work, these monitors pant like a dog. On the other hand, they also warm up by laying in the sun.

Again, to add more to the misery of the dwelling place of these dragons, the part of Indonesia in which they live is incredibly dry during the months of March through November. In December however, the island goes through its wet season. These dragons however can last without the water, although they are known to drink heavily when the water is available.

Although it was stated that these animals live on the Island of Komodo, they also live on surrounding islands, these include the western end of Flores, Rintja, Padar, and Nusa Mbarapu. These islands are home to many large animal species that the dragons prey on. These include water buffalo, deer, pigs, snakes, boar, monkeys, goats, and many other animals. As you can see, the Komodo Dragon, has made its humble abode in this otherwise seemingly unsuitable place, although, this should prove to be no surprise.

Komodo Dragon Habitat